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FILM: Responsible Corporations? Apple, News Corp & Google FILM: Data Protection At Work: Introduction & Case Study FILM: The Marketing Series: 1 The Internet Revolution
25 mins, 2012 The ethics of media and technology giants.

23 mins, 2012 What does data protection mean for business?

31 mins, 2010 How technology drives marketing change.

FILM: The Great Firewall Of China FILM: ICT And Business: The Great Revolution FILM: ICT And Society: Technology’s Children
20 mins, 2009 How China tries to censor the web.

30 mins, 2009 How ICT changed commerce and industry.

30 mins, 2009 What is ICT doing to us?

FILM: All About E-portfolios & Multimedia FILM: Converging Technologies FILM: Systems At Dickens World
26 mins, 2008 Are e-portfolios the future for learning?

31 mins, 2008 Mobile phones, games consoles and the internet.

25 mins, 2008 ICT in a visitor attraction.

FILM: Designing A Website FILM: Enterprise Case Studies 2: Technology & Innovation FILM: You Only Live Twice
30 mins, 2007 The principles of website design.

35 mins, 2007 Start-ups with a technology angle.

34 mins, 2007 Investigating virtual world Second Life.

FILM: Managing Personnel FILM: Systems In Local Government FILM: Systems In A Theatre
26 mins, 2006 Personnel systems in Sainsbury's.

35 mins, 2006 ICT at work in Cornwall Council.

27 mins, 2005 ICT helps the show go on.

FILM: What’s Going On In Market Research? FILM: Systems For Leisure 2 FILM: Systems In A Factory
28 mins, 2005 Market research and the role of ICT.

26 mins, 2004 ICT at a leisure centre.

27 mins, 2004 From CAD-CAM to robots.

FILM: Inside A Factory 1: The New Mini FILM: Systems In A Theme Park FILM: Systems In Banking And Data Protection
26 mins, 2003 How the famous car is manufactured.

23 mins, 2003 The technology of terror!

29 mins, 2003 From EFTPOS to smart cards.

FILM: Computers In Accounting FILM: Systems In Retailing FILM: Systems In Travel
29 mins, 2002 Case studies in accounts systems.

25 mins, 2002 ICT in Marks & Spencer.

25 mins, 2002 How travel firms use ICT.

FILM: Marketing On The Web FILM: Systems In A Cinema FILM: Systems In A Hotel
28 mins, 2000 Selling products on the internet.

27 mins, 2000 ICT at the movies.

27 mins, 2000 How one hotel uses ICT.

FILM: The Great IT Horror Story FILM: Business Systems FILM: Going Live
31 mins, 1999 Why do computer projects go wrong?

28 mins, 1998 Company conflict over IT systems.

28 mins, 1994 Setting up an IT system.

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