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FILM: Google: The Trouble With Success FILM: Employment Law In Action & Contracts Of Employment FILM: Appraisal In Action Case Study Examples
28 mins, 2016 The amazing rise of the high-tech giant. Marketing strategy, HR and ethics.

23 mins, 2012 Problems at work – legal rights and wrongs.

23 mins, 2012 Appraisal interviews in the real world.

FILM: Motivation In Action Case Study Examples FILM: Human Resources Strategy: Theory & Practice FILM: Communication At Work: Introduction & Case Study
29 mins, 2012 People with motivational issues at work.

37 mins, 2012 How do HR strategies work in the real world?

28 mins, 2012 Why is communication so vital in a business?

FILM: Employee Representation & Trade Unions FILM: Organisational Structures: Introduction & Case Study FILM: Organisational Cultures & Group Norms
23 mins, 2012 How people get their voices heard at work.

31 mins, 2012 How vital is the structure of a business?

28 mins, 2012 Invisible factors that shape a business.

FILM: Data Protection At Work: Introduction & Case Study FILM: Workforce Performance & Remuneration FILM: Termination Of Employment Introduction & Case Studies
23 mins, 2012 What does data protection mean for business?

33 mins, 2012 Exploring pay and performance at work.

30 mins, 2012 How firms handle redundancy and dismissal.

FILM: Leadership & Management: Introduction & Case Study FILM: Recruitment & Selection FILM: Training & Development
30 mins, 2012 A guide to management in the real world.

49 mins, 2012 How companies find the people they need.

21 mins, 2012 Why training is so important in business.

FILM: Health & Safety At Work FILM: Discrimination At Work FILM: Grievance & Bullying
23 mins, 2012 The law, the issues and the human costs.

29 mins, 2012 Guide to the law and a case study example.

17 mins, 2012 Managing people problems in the workplace

FILM: All About Appraisal: Introduction & Examples FILM: Motivation Theories & Employee Participation FILM: Employment Law, The Employment Tribunal
23 mins, 2011 Appraisal – how it works and why it goes wrong

25 mins, 2011 How companies try to motivate people at work

30 mins, 2011 How does employment law affect people at work?

FILM: Inside A Hotel FILM: Case Studies In Recruitment FILM: The Local Council
30 mins, 2008 People and jobs in a hotel chain.

30 mins, 2006 Asda, a small firm and a hospital.

26 mins, 2006 What makes the public sector different?

FILM: Managing Personnel FILM: Working In Sainsbury’s FILM: Business Structures
26 mins, 2006 Personnel systems in Sainsbury's.

30 mins, 2006 Supermarket staff explain their jobs.

26 mins, 2004 Case studies: tall, flat and matrix.

FILM: Bullying: A Case To Answer? FILM: Management Styles 2 FILM: Motivation Decisions
25 mins, 2003 Is a boss bullying one of his staff?

40 mins, 2003 Case studies of different styles.

25 mins, 2000 Case studies of demotivated staff.

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