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FILM: Accounting & Finance Clips 1: Accounts, Forecasting & Breakeven FILM: Accounting & Finance Clips 2: Sources Of Finance FILM: Accounting & Finance Clips 3: Budgeting
28 mins, 2011 Key topics in finance using case study examples.

24 mins, 2011 Case study clips: How businesses get their funding.

23 mins, 2011 Case study clips: Importance of budgeting.

FILM: Accounting & Finance Clips 4: Cash Flow & Working Capital FILM: Accounting & Finance Clips 5: Investment Decisions & Contribution FILM: Accounting & Finance Clips 6: Costs & Profit
31 mins, 2011Case study clips: Key topics in finance.

28 mins, 2011 Case study clips explain investment and contribution.

28 mins, 2011 Case study clips illustrating costs and profit.

FILM: Accounting & Finance Clips 7: Depreciation, Objectives & Strategy FILM: Financial Decisions 2: The Small Business FILM: Financial Decisions 3: The Manufacturer
34 mins, 2011 Clips explaining depreciation, objectives & strategy.

20 mins, 2010 Dramatised case study highlights key financial issues.

20 mins, 2010 Key financial issues in manufacturer Blakeway Ltd.

FILM: Financial Management FILM: Finance In Business 1: Starting A Business FILM: Finance In Business 2: Established Business
29 mins, 2009 How two firms manage their money.

20 mins, 2005 Sources of finance for start-ups.

26 mins, 2005 Finance for established firms.

FILM: Where Does All The Money Go? FILM: Computers In Accounting FILM: Basics Of Finance 1: Are We Making A Profit?
33 mins, 1996 How finance works in a travel firm.

29 mins, 2002 Case studies in accounts systems.

23 mins, 2001 Light hearted drama explains the P&L.

FILM: Basics Of Finance 2: The Balance Sheet Explained FILM: Financial Decisions FILM: Managing The Money
23 mins, 2001 Lively guide to the balance sheet.

29 mins, 1998 Three firms tackle financial problems.

32 mins, 1996 How a small firm plans its finances.

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