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FILM: Google: The Trouble With Success FILM: Marketing Strategy Case Studies: Tesco – Triumph & Tragedy FILM: Marketing Strategy Case Studies: The Starbucks Experience
Tesco – Triumph & Tragedy The Starbucks Experience
28 mins, 2016 The amazing rise of the high-tech giant. Marketing strategy, HR and ethics.

27 mins, 2015 How did Tesco become a supermarket superpower? What caused its decline?

27 mins, 2015 How did Starbucks become the world’s largest coffee house chain? Good citizen or corporate villain?

FILM: The Marketing Series 7: The Marketing Mix: Promotion FILM: The Marketing Series 4: The Marketing Mix: Product FILM: The Marketing Series 5: The Marketing Mix: Product Case Studies
30 mins, 2013 The Promotional Mix: Advertising, Direct Marketing, PR, Sponsorship, Point Of Sale, Above and Below The Line

31 mins, 2013 Value analysis, product life cycle, Boston Matrix plus case studies

22 mins, 2013 Marketing Mix case studies, including Skoda, Mars, Cadbury’s, Call Of Duty.

FILM: The Marketing Series 6: The Marketing Mix: Price FILM: Fair Trade And Chocolate FILM: The Marketing Series: 1 The Internet Revolution
35 mins, 2013 Pricing strategies, with a wealth of case study material.

30 mins, 2010 The story of Divine Chocolate.

31 mins, 2010 How technology drives marketing change.

FILM: The Marketing Series: 2 The 4 Ps & Beyond FILM: The Marketing Series: 3 The Power Of The Brand FILM: Responsible Corporations?
28 mins, 2010 How relevant is the classic marketing mix today?

28 mins, 2010 How brands work and what makes a brand successful.

23 mins, 2010 Human costs of tobacco marketing.

FILM: The Entrepreneurs 1: Tossed FILM: Fair Trade In Action FILM: Marketing A National Park: Snowdonia
27 mins, 2009 A salad bar chain start-up.

29 mins, 2008 The story of fashion firm People Tree.

27 mins, 2009 Who markets the mountains?

FILM: The A-Z Of Customer Service FILM: Cola Conquest I: A Classic Marketing Story FILM: Cola Conquest II: How Coke Took Over The World
29 mins, 2008 Examples of customer care in action.

42 mins, 2008 How Coca-Cola built its brand.

39 mins, 2008 The story of a globalised business.

FILM: Converging Technologies FILM: The Green Pioneers FILM: Black Gold: The Coffee Business
31 mins, 2008 Mobile phones, games consoles and the internet.

32 mins, 2008 Companies with a green USP.

45 mins, 2007 Fair trade vs the multinationals.

FILM: Innocent Drinks FILM: McLibel: McDonald’s PR Disaster FILM: What’s Going On In Market Research?
27 mins, 2006 An in-depth look at Innocent Drinks.

54 mins, 2005 Two people take on a multinational.

28 mins, 2005 Market research and the role of ICT.

FILM: The Marketing Mix At Tesco FILM: The Marketing Mix Explained FILM: The Language Of Advertising
30 mins, 2003 A supermarket with too much power?

25 mins, 2002 The four Ps - and more!

30 mins, 2001 Classic ads and how they work.

FILM: Marketing A Hotel FILM: Marketing Holidays FILM: The Marketing Mix At Häagen-Dazs
25 mins, 2001 Case study of a seaside hotel.

25 mins, 2001 Case studies of travel firms.

32 mins, 2001 The battle for ice cream sales.

FILM: What Is Marketing? FILM: Marketing On The Web FILM: The TV Advert
32 mins, 2001 Provocative guide to consumerism.

28 mins, 2000 Selling products on the internet.

32 mins, 2000 Lara Croft and Lucozade.

FILM: Marketing A Service FILM: Marketing Decisions FILM: Niche Marketing In Sportswear
33 mins, 1999 Case studies include the Co-op Bank.

33 mins, 1999 Three firms face critical choices.

35 mins, 1999 UK companies adapt to survive.

FILM: Marketing A Theme Park FILM: The Marketing Mix At Cadbury’s FILM: Keeping The Customer Satisfied
35 mins, 1998 Alton Towers launch a new ride.

35 mins, 1998 The launch of a chocolate bar.

32 mins, 1996 Can a travel firm improve its customer care?

FILM: What Is Marketing Research? FILM: Marketing Research In Action FILM: Customer Care On Trial
27 mins, 1996 Clear guide with case studies.

35 mins, 1995 How a US firm uses research.

25 mins, 1993 Real-life examples of customer care.

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