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FILM: Inside China: 1. The Rise Of A Superpower
Inside China: 1. The Rise Of A Superpower

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25 mins, 2014

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Key Topics
  • China's history
  • 20th Century China
  • Chinese Industrial Development
How has China transformed, inside 30 years, from developing nation to the world's next largest economy after the USA? Includes interviews with historians, eye-witnesses and party officials.

TIANANMEN SQUARE A dramatic turning point was the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 - the communist party decided to bring in economic, if not political, freedom. It meant an historic turning away from state control to a market economy.

AN ANCIENT CIVILISATION But the causes of China's rise go right back into history, to the world's oldest civilisation, and in a sense it is only returning to its former greatness.

COMMUNISM GOOD AND BAD Despite the excesses, it can be argued the communist takeover in 1947 laid the foundations for China's rise, beginning the process of industrialisation, mobilising the people and sharing out the land more equally. One of its key achievements: allowing social mobility. But inequality, corruption and pollution are causing widespread protest.

Full series:
Inside China 1: The Rise Of A Superpower
Inside China 2: China The Future?
Inside China 3: Politics And The People
Inside China 4: The New Entrepreneurs
Inside China 5: China Rich And Poor
Inside China 6: The Great Migration
Inside China 7: Environmental Timebomb?
Inside China 8: Education And Women's Rights

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